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Milad Payami


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Milad Payami



– Photo Manager at FIBA Women World Cup 2018, Tenerife Spain

– Official Photographer/Chief of Photography at FIBA (Int. Basketball Federation)

– Official Photographer of FIBA at Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Rio Brazil

– Official Photographer of FIBA Europe at Basketball Champions League 2017 (BCL) Final 4, Canary Islands Spain

– Photo Manager at FIBA World Cup U19 2017, Cairo Egypt

– Photo Editor at Chogan Magazine

– Chief of Photography @ FIBA World Cup 2019 Qualifiers

– Chief of Photography @ FIBA Basketball Champions League 2016-2017-2018


Events covered as Official Photographer/Photo manager since 2011 :


FIBA U18 Asian Championship for Women 2018 , Bangalore, India

FIBA U18 Asian Championship 2018 , Bangkok, Thailand

FIBA U17 Women’s World Cup 2018 , Minsk, Belarus

Basketball Champions League (BCL) 2018 Final 4 , Athens, Greece

FIBA U16 Asian Championship 2018 , Foshan, China

Euro Basket 2017 , Turkey

FIBA World Cup U19 2017, Cairo Egypt

FIBA Asia Cup for Women 2017 , Bangalore, India

FIBA Asia Cup 2017 , Beirut, Lebanon

FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 , Chenzen, China

FIBA Asia U16 Women 2017 , Bangalore , India

27th FIBA Asia Championship , Manila, PHILIPPINES , 2013 24th

22th FIBA Asia U18 Championship , Ulan Bataar , Mongolia , 2012
21th FIBA Asia U18 Championship W , Johor Bahru , Malaysia , 2012
23rd FIBA Asia Champions Cup , Beirut , Lebanon , 2012
FIBA Asia Cup , Tokyo , Japan , 2012

22nd FIBA Asia Champions Cup , Manila , Philippines 2011
2nd FIBA Asia U16 Championship , Nha Trang , Vietnam , 2011 26th
FIBA Asia Championship , Wuhan , China , 2011
2nd FIBA Asia U16W Championship , Jinan , China , 2011 24th FIBA
Asia Championship for Women , Omura , Japan , 2011

FIBA Asia Champions Cup , Amman , Jordan
25th FIBA Asia Championship for Women , Bangkok , Thailand 1st
FIBA Asia 3×3 Championship for Men and Women , Doha , Qatar
1st FIBA Asia 3×3 U18 Championship for Boys and Girls , Bangkok , Thailand 23rd FIBA Asia U18 Championship – Doha, Qatar 2014
28th FIBA Asia Championship , Changsha , China
26th FIBA Asia for Women , Wuhan , China
FIBA Asia U16 , Jakarta , Indonesia
FIBA Asia U16 Girls , Medan , Indonesia

– Official Photographer, “Iran Varzeshi”(Sport Iran) , Tehran,Iran since May 2002 to the end of 2004

Official Photographer, “Shargh Newspaper”, Tehran,Iran.
Shargh newspaper is one of the most popular non-governmental newspapers published in Iran with the average population of around 45000 copies per day.
I have been working in this newspaper as a Full-Time photographer from start of 2005 to May 2011.

Part-Time Photographer, “Final Shoot” Weekly sports magazine , Dubai
Final-Shoot was sport weekly magazine about the Sport of Middle East including Iran published in Dubai. I was a part-time photographer covering Iran’s Events. I have been working for this magazine from 2007-2009

Iran Olympic Committee photographer for Olympic Youth Games , Singapore
I had a contract with Iran Olympic Commitee to Cover Olympic Youth Games held in Singapore in 2011. I was the Only photographer from Iran Olympic Committee responsible of doing photography of this event.

Freelance photographer in Basketball World Cup 2010 , Turkey
I was a freelance photographer present at Basketball World Cup 2010 in Istanbul , Turkey. The experience I learned in this huge event helped me later to develop my skills in the field of Sports Photography.


Group Exhibition of “tasvir-e Sal” in “Khaneh Honarmandan”(House of Artists) in Tehran , 2005
Group Exhibition of “Way to World Cup 2006” in Press Annual festival in Tehran , 2006
Group Exhibition of “2nd Sports Photo Festival” in Tehran , 2006
Group Exhibition of “tasvir-e Sal” in “Khaneh Honarmandan”(House of Artists) in Tehran , 2006


Winner of 1st Prize in Sports Photography in “Annual Press Festival” , 2005
Best Sports Photographer of the year in “” , 2006
Winner of 1st Prize in “2nd Sports Photo Festival” , 2006
Winner of Best Photo in Theater Writers Association , 2006
Winner of 3rd prize in 2nd Festival of Iranian Sports Media , 2007